Coffee Break


Sat down for coffee with my friend Beejal from Passport Productions to talk shop.

My takeaways:

-You should shoot when you’re ready. I was concerned about filming in the middle of pilot season (especially since I’m also an actor and have a great agent who’s always putting me out there) but as Beej pointed out, you don’t want to lose the momentum you’ve built up. Plus, I have an amazing lead actress which I could lose if she becomes union or starts shooting a pilot.

-There is no “proper” way to finance a film. You either get the money or you don’t. Whether it’s through a studio or crowd funding shouldn’t make your project any less legitimate.

– A good producer knows how to shake down anybody for a few dollars in the most nicest way possible.

– Keep contacting someone until they tell you to stop. There is a fine line between being annoying and being assertive, but it’s okay to cross it once in awhile. Beej used a cool improv analogy where you should imagine yourself in a scene with your roommate, and you’re asking her if you can borrow her car. She keeps telling you “no”, and it’s your job to keep coming up with reasons why she should say “yes.”

– It’s okay if you don’t have a zillion twitter followers. Unless you’re Tarantino, you as a director are not a product. Your film is the product that needs to be marketed.

– The beauty of an indie film without studio backing is that you have total control of the story. Don’t sell out unless you’re willing to lose some of that control.

– Getting your film distributed is not rocket science. It’s okay to wait until you have a finished product to seriously pursue a distribution deal. Focus on getting the movie in the can first.

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