Location Scouting

When I wrote my screenplay, I was envisioning the old Wood County Asylum back home in Wisconsin.


Unfortunately that building has since been razed to the ground.


I’ve been toying with the idea of filming in Wisconsin because the state has a 20% tax incentive for film productions. Plus the story is supposed to take place in a small Midwestern town.

Unfortunately, the Dairy State would be covered in snow during the time I want to shoot.  I’ve had a lot of people tell me that even though it is more expensive to shoot in LA, you can always find indie-friendly places that are willing to cut a deal. It’s also nice to have a steady source of local talent to draw from. Plus, plane tickets to Wisconsin are super expensive. It’s more expensive to fly into Central Wisconsin than it is to fly to NYC.

I met up with Walter, director of Voodoo Possession, and he pointed me towards a few creepy locations that could stand-in for an abandoned insane asylum.  The Linda Vista Hospital in East LA seems to be the go-to location for horror movies.

I also took a tour of Central City Stages, which would be amazing to shoot in … if I could afford $2500/day.

Have a couple more locations that I’ll be scouting out soon … But definitely not on my own because they look super scary. Stay tuned.


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