The Purgation Teaser

Here we go! The first look at The Purgation:

A note on working with child actors – they are amazingly talented and will surprise you with their level of commitment. But they’re also just kids so you’ll have to rein them in when they start focusing on farts and kicking your sound guy in the balls.

A helpful link I used while editing, to achieve that old film look:

To isolate a small section of the frame that I wanted to manipulate I cropped and then feathered the edges. Easier to do that with a scene that’s mostly in the dark.

And finally, our main monster – the Faceless Woman. Almost every horror movie has that iconic image which is replicated on Halloween come costume-hunting time. Some are super simple –

Others are downright genius:

I’m still in the beginning stages of conceptualizing the Faceless Woman, so for now, here’s the stand-in, courtesy of Morgan.

The Faceless Woman will continue to morph until I’ve achieved the terrifying nightmare that I want you all to have.

Stay tuned for more teasers!

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