Casting Notice

We’re almost done with casting and just need to finalize a few more roles. Auditions will be Saturday, January 25th in LA.

To submit, email with a resume and headshot.

All roles are non-union. Filming will begin at the end of February through mid-March. Copy/Credit.

[Peter] Male, Open Ethnicity, Age 11-13: Peter is mature for his age, loves science fiction, and is usually suffering from a stuffy nose. He prefers to follow the rules.

[Derrick] Male, Caucasian, Brown Eyes, Brown hair, Age 11-13: Derrick loves to play sports. He’s a natural leader and does his best to help others. He’s always up for a new adventure.

[Marlene] Female, Caucasian, Green eyes, Brown hair, Age 11-13: Marlene is not afraid to speak her mind. She’s witty and enjoys making fun of people who don’t meet her standards.

There will be fun times on set!

There will be fun times on set!

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