Had a productive round of auditions. We have our cast!

A couple things I learned from being on the other side of the table:

1) Being off book is actually quite impressive and allows me to see a true performance rather than a reading.

2) Dressing for the role is a nice touch. Not that you should go full Victorian for a period piece, but wearing part of the character’s wardrobe really helped me envision the actor in the role.

3) It’s easier to cast someone you like or find personable. One of my producers was not present at the auditions and only saw the tapes. He really wanted to cast one actor, but because this actor was extremely rude to everyone in the casting room, I declined. The actor did give an impressive reading but…none of us are getting paid enough to deal with a diva.

4) Confidence. Loved the actors who just came in ready to work.

5) Strangely, thank you notes are kind of cool. Was surprised to get them, but they definitely nudged me towards giving the actor a second look. This will give you an edge when a casting director has 100+ submissions for one role.

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