put a stamp on it

Just finished mailing out the last of the Purgation t-shirts and other thank you gifts to investors who donated via Indiegogo.


To keep shipping costs down, I ordered bubble padded envelopes from USPS. They’re free! But…if you actually use them to mail items, it’ll cost you a flat rate of $5.95. So to get around that cost, I cut the bubble envelopes half — wrapped them around whatever needed extra protection –


And then placed everything into regular office clasp envelopes, which brought the cost down to between $2.30-$4.00 depending on the weight.


I normally hate waiting in lines, but I’ve become quite the regular at my neighborhood post office. So much so that the lady working there has started recognizing me. I look forward to her terms of endearments each day which range from “honey-pie” to “sweetie doll” and are followed by a “I better see you tomorrow hun-hun!”



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