Coming Soon to a Theatre Near You

The official Purgation movie trailers are up!

The first trailer is more artsy and my personal favorite since it’s darker.

However, most people have told me they prefer the second trailer because you can actually understand what the movie is about.  It also follows the commercially-approved trailer formula. [The Big Tease = setup setup setup…reveal.] Call it conformist, but it’s a formula that works.

After we cut the first trailer, I got notes from my producers. I also reached out to a friend who works at a professional trailer house for notes. Her advice made me realize that I NEEDED to create a second trailer which does a better job of spelling out the plot and introducing the characters. Really glad I did that instead of sticking to my artsy-farty ideas. It’s show business not show art, right?

The entire trailer process took about four months. We went through ten drafts for EACH trailer. And got lots of notes. Lots and lots of notes from friends who were willing to give honest critiques. Eventually we settled on a cut that seemed to appeal to the majority, which is what a trailer should do, appeal to the masses. Next stop, distribution station!

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