Thoughts on All Hallows’ Eve

Halloween is here my spooky friends. I love this holiday, and I love horror. I’m often asked why I’m drawn to this genre. My usual response is that I’m a naturally morose person. But to dig deeper, I would say that horror highlights aspects of life that most people don’t want to see. Life is ugly and people are terrible. We kill, torture, and lie to each other on a daily basis. Sometimes it’s because we’re psychotic, sometimes it’s because of circumstance, usually it’s because we’re selfish.

Horror allows us to face these moments head on – the cruelty that all humans are capable of, and also the courage that we can all draw from when faced with seemingly obscene odds. Ultimately though, I think we all know that life isn’t fair. In other genres we get to follow the hero’s journey and are satisfied when conflicts are resolved … villains get their due justices, true love is allowed to unite.  In horror, the villain rarely plays fair. Sometimes the hero is an asshole. Just when we think the conflict has been resolved, there is a twist. And in the end, we’re reminded that death is just around the corner. I think that’s why I love horror. It doesn’t bullshit you with butterflies and rainbows. It’s not meant to affirm your life choices or show you that deep down all humans are good. Horror is meant to horrify, and I think that’s wonderful.

Happy Halloween

Director Elaine Chu and Producer Jeremy Cordy

Bedtime Stories

Check out our proof of concept video on Bleeding Critic’s horror website, with an intro by the clown himself!

The Independent Filmmakers of the Inland Empire invited me out to Pitzer College to give a presentation about film distribution. Really enjoyed connecting with this talented group of cinephiles.



I still get excited whenever I see The Purgation on Redbox.


Here’s a short video I made to give a shout-out to all the other platforms where you can watch The Purgation!